Software Defined Storage

The wide scale adoption of SAN technologies has changed the storage landscape forever with in-built benefits such as storage tiers, de-duplication and disaster recovery. Now the next stage of the storage journey is under way. It is all about storage virtualisation that encapsulates the benefits of the SAN while allowing organisations to leverage the financial benefits of commodity hardware. Every organisation is different. Gyrocom works with best of breed storage virtualisation vendors and can help you understand the best fit for your business.

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The latest advances in storage virtualisation and converged systems drive the following benefits:

  • Infrastructure can be scaled out seamlessly, which reduces the initial capital expenditure
  • Automation of storage management reduces administration overhead
  • Real-time data migration means minimal disruption to the business
  • Out of the box appliance-based systems enable simple, speedier deployment of virtual machines


Hyper-converged infrastructure

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Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

Software Defined Infrastructure

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