Security by Design

Investment in digital transformation technologies combined with an explosion in user applications and resulting data, has led to very complicated infrastructures. Add to that the escalating security threats and you have the perfect storm for organisations. Navigating this storm requires network expertise that spans the entire distributed digital infrastructure. Cue the Gyrocom team of network and security experts. We really know networks and we understand the security threat this increase in network complexity poses to your business. While there is no network that is immune to attacks, a stable and efficient network security system with all the right visibility and controls is essential to protecting your business from data theft and sabotage. Our network security solutions help your network keep up with the speed at which your business runs as well as with it’s security demands.

Security Services

And now for something securely different...

Security Design Services

While digital transformation offers a wealth of business opportunities, it also brings with it a few challenges. Not least of which is the evolving security needs the comes with expanding your digital footprint. Our network security experts can help you navigate these new security demands.

Secure Global WAN

Business Apps are in the Cloud and my users want to work from Starbucks. When did this happen? These millennials are causing me a headache. I'm only half way through my MPLS contract? Don't worry, Gyrocom can help. We'll show you how to build a Secure Global WAN irrespective of where your Apps are located or where your users want to access them from.

Network Microsegmentation

The rise of software-defined networks and network virtualization has paved the way for micro-segmentation. This makes network security far more granular by isolating workloads from one another and securing them individually. ‘How’ to segment is pretty straight forward. ‘What’ to segment is often the real challenge for network and security teams.

Secure E-commerce Networks

Addressing security issues should be a priority for your e-commerce environment, ensuring your customers enjoy a smooth and safe shopping experience. Your customers need to know they are protected from cyber attacks and fraud. The better your e-commerce security, the better your brand will uphold its reputation and keep the trust of your customers.

Next Generation Firewalls

There are regular firewalls, and then there are next-gen firewalls. Only one of them is a fully automated platform that can block malware from entering a data centre network. Can you guess which one?...

Security Project Management

It doesn’t matter how good the network security design is or how much money you’ve thrown at the project, you know as well as we do that without proper project management you’re doomed. Our project managers are Prince 2 certified and have delivered incredibly complex network and security projects for some of the biggest companies in the UK. And they’re still smiling…

Security Automation

In a cybersecurity environment that is constantly changing, automation amplifies your security team's skills in an effort to detect and secure the network, reducing risk, while increasing efficiency and productivity. Mere mortals no longer have the practical power to detect and defend against every possible attack.

Security Troubleshooting & Auditing

All the things you want to know about your network security but were afraid to ask such as: “How well is my business protected against security threats - both internal and external?” or “How effective is my network security at resolving issues?”


If you’ve moved your applications out of the data centre and into the cloud with users connecting from everywhere, you're beyond even next generation firewalls. Fully cloud-delivered firewalls is where you need to be.

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