Say Goodbye to the Nineties

In 1999 the first MPLS deployment was completed.

The world has transformed in the last 22 years. MPLS technology has not. The WAN you’re using to manage your business was created three years before Amazon Web Services was launched, eight years before anyone had even heard of an iPhone, and while Google was still in Beta trial.

Fast Forward to 2021

SD-WAN is a modern WAN architecture for a cloud-first approach. Unlike your network from the nineties, SD-WAN was created with the cloud in mind. It allows you to connect your users to the data and applications they need wherever they are. And it does that much more securely and efficiently than a traditional network.

What SD-WAN Enables

Future-proofed infrastructure

Your network was built for a world where the applications resided in the datacentre and the users in corporate offices. Digital transformation means this is no longer the world we live in and your business now demands a flexible, scalable network to keep up with the pace of innovation.

Cloud Adoption

Complexity has increased as a result of trying to mould legacy networking and security principles to a broader infrastructure strategy that was never designed for Cloud adoption. The right SDWAN solution addresses the challenges associated with cloud migration and is designed to support your digital aspirations.

Cost reduction

The network is often viewed as a cost and not as a critical enabling asset. This view is understandable given current commercial and market pressures. The currency that is spent in order to achieve cost savings in the network is flexibility and agility and this almost always bears a much higher cost to the business in the long run.

Our Offer to You

10 Days Consultancy with a Gyrocom Senior Network Specialist

A full WAN audit with Gyrocom's in-house network specialists covering:

  Estate profiles
  Technology deployments
  Contractual commitments
  Cloud connectivity
  Key applications
  Remote and mobile working
  Geographic footprint
  Business initiatives


Key recommendations report and customer presentation to help you define the functional use case and the potential return on investment on your WAN transformation.

The Process

  • Client
  • Key Stakeholder
  • Technical
  • Commercial
  • Market
  • Recommendations
    Report & Presentation

Why Gyrocom?

Gyrocom, a network and security managed solution provider, has a proven track record of helping customers navigate the brave new world of WAN transformation with multiple customer case studies across verticals.

“Our initial engagement was to help us scope out and plan an SD-WAN deployment, with a major drive to make our network more agile. Selecting a partner that was agile and dynamic was key to our selection criteria. Gyrocom have proven to be both.”

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“I have worked with Gyrocom in a previous role and did not hesitate to engage them at Kingfisher. Group services are a pivotal element of our overall strategy and Gyrocom’s approach has fully supported this endeavour. I look forward to a continued successful relationship in the future.”

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“Gyrocom has proven to be the trusted advisor who helped us make sense of SD-WAN and how it supports our ambitious ‘one network’ strategy. Of the various responses received on our WAN tender, Gryocom stood out with their approach to solution design and their strong team. The proof of concept installation has already delivered tangible benefit to ABP Food Group and we are excited to get started on the full SD-WAN rollout with them.”

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What to do next

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