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As enterprise applications migrate from the corporate data centre to the cloud, network professionals are quickly realising that traditional Wide Area Networks were not architected for such dynamic, internet-based environments. In the quest for flawless access to business applications, many customers are now augmenting or even replacing legacy technologies such as MPLS with cheaper and better-performing, broadband-based, Software-defined WANs (SD-WAN).

An SD-WAN is a virtual WAN architecture that allows enterprises to leverage any combination of transport services – including MPLS, LTE and broadband internet services – to securely connect users to applications. SD-WAN uses a centralised control function to securely and intelligently direct traffic across the WAN. This increases application performance, resulting in enhanced user experience, increased business productivity and reduced costs for IT.

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The Business Case for SD-WAN

SD-WAN Benefits

Benefits of SD-WAN


The network is virtualised so it allows you to take advantage of any data connection available. You can mix and match the service providers of your choice into a logically defined, fully resilient WAN environment.


Utilise all available bandwidth (no active/standby) to optimise application traffic to its required destination. Avoid the latency inherent in legacy architectures by dynamically avoiding inefficient data paths as network conditions change in real-time.


Quickly implemented with Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP). Sites can be up and running in hours and you can reduce the impact of poor lead times from network service providers.


The SD-WAN overlay enables 3rd party services such as advanced security, WAN optimisation and internet gateways to be leveraged without the requirement for additional hardware in the branch.

Visibility & Control

Full visibility into the applications running across the WAN. Define application SLA's based on the services that are essential to you and your business.


As reliable and secure as a private line. Advanced security policies can be applied on a per-application basis.


Traffic can be dynamically redirected to survive path failure, enabling the business to define Application Service Level Agreements (SLA's).


Avoid costly MPLS upgrades and leverage the economics of commoditised connectivity.


Rethinking the WAN

Private Network
Quality of Service Extra Charges Apply
Availability 99.9% 99.999%
Cloud Connectivity
Rapid Site Deployment
Application Visability
Application Policy (QoE)
Transport Agnostic
Secure 3rd Party Access
Operational Flexibility
Link Resilience

Gyrocom offer 3 operating models

Self Managed SD-WAN

Self Managed

You manage all day to day operational activities of the infrastructure with Gyrocom available in the background should things not go as planned. Vendor support is provided in line with your requirements and includes advance replacement hardware SLAs in the unlikely event of a device failure.

Self Managed SD-WAN

Enhanced Support

Underpinning vendor support Gyrocom provide a 24x7x365 ITIL aligned enhanced support service that provides our clients with additional benefits for advanced SD-WAN environments. Deployment context and advanced hardware SLAs provide our clients with the peace of mind they need when deploying SD-WAN within their environment. Gyrocom’s operational resources own service resolution from first issue notification to service resolution, working with all appropriate technology vendors when required.

Self Managed SD-WAN

Fully Managed SD-WAN

Fully Managed SD-WAN Services are for organisations that want to leverage the full benefits that SD-WAN can deliver but do not want to be involved in the day to day operational activities of running the WAN environment. Gyrocom take care of everything with regular reporting to ensure the deployment continues to meet your business requirements.

All SD-WAN is not created equal and it is important to match the appropriate technology with your business’s individual requirements. Hybrid WAN, Security, Application profile, and Cloud Strategy are all key considerations. As SD-WAN specialists, Gyrocom will work with you to make the selection that best meets the needs of your business.

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