Rapid WAN

As the need for better performing and more consistent connectivity becomes increasingly important for enterprises, coupled with the rapid adoption of cloud services and a work from anywhere business model, network professionals are looking for their WAN to do more.

Traditional WAN architectures are complex and slow by nature; with extensive lead times for new site deployments and limited or no connectivity in hard to reach locations. Deployment is becoming increasingly expensive when renewing or installing new lines, while poor application performance and user experience remains a challenge across the environment.

Gyrocom reimagined the WAN by designing a bespoke solution to revolutionise the way we connect – Rapid WAN.

Gyrocom’s Rapid WAN utilises 4G mobile connectivity to give a more consistent, high-performing connectivity medium to any site. Bonded with SD-WAN technology our solution gives the ultimate WAN solution suitable for all businesses, anytime, anywhere.

Rapid WAN is great for...

SD-WAN Benefits

Benefits of Rapid WAN

Rapid Site Deployment

Get high performing connectivity to any site and improved user experience at every location.


Utilise multiple 4G connectivity providers to maintain application performance to your business reducing latency and increasing user experience across your estate while providing connectivity at speed.

Flexibility and Agility

Our solution scales to fit your business needs giving ultimate WAN flexibility. We can have your sites up and running in less than 48 hours and reduce the impact of poor lead times from alternate network service providers.


No more costs for digging up the road for fixed-line connectivity with our Rapid WAN solution. By moving away from long term MPLS contracts to flexible mobile and broadband connections there can be many cost savings.


As reliable and secure as a private line. Advanced security policies can be applied to this solution


Get the freedom of Service Provider choice to get the best connectivity in each of your sites to maximise performance, reduce latency and lengthy fixed-line connectivity lead times


The use of 4G connectivity with SD-WAN overlay enables 3rd party services for advanced security, WAN optimisation and internet gateways to be leveraged without the requirement of additional hardware at the site.

Availability / Timescales

By utilising 4G connectivity we can have you up and running in a matter of hours and days, not months and years.

What our Rapid WAN clients say...

Case Studies

See how our customers are using Rapid WAN to improve business operations:

Retail Case Study

Rapid WAN supports one of the UK's largest retailers to meet the demands of their aggressive new store roll out program.

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Engineering Case Study

A leading engineering and services business utilises Rapid WAN to get connectivity to temporary sites quickly and efficiently minimising costly network downtime.

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Manufacturing Case Study

The UK's leading manufacturing business is using Rapid WAN to enable flexibility, and give wireless backup connectivity across their network environment.

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