Eat. Sleep. Network. Repeat.

So your digital transformation has well and truly begun with a move to the cloud, perhaps IoT or other digital technologies - but what’s happened to your network in this brave new, complicated world? Are you finding your network struggling to support the innovation and performance required, like most legacy networks? Then it’s time for a remodel. But remodelling an enterprise network is a bit like re-architecting a house. You wouldn’t start the build without first understanding the landscape, the existing structure, the purpose of the remodel and most importantly the cost. You need a solid foundation before you start building walls otherwise you end up spending a considerable amount on repairs when the house starts to crack. You may think the network is the least rock and roll part of IT but we eat, breathe and sleep networks, so for us, it’s never been a more exciting time. Our network and security experts can help you navigate your digital journey by reducing risk, cost and complexity in your network.

Network Services

Without further ado, here are the Network Services we're famous for.


As your applications migrate from the corporate data centre to the cloud, you will no doubt already be aware of the challenges traditional Wide Area Networks face in such dynamic, internet-based environments. In the quest for flawless access to business applications, many customers are now augmenting or even replacing legacy technologies such as MPLS with cheaper and better-performing broadband-based WANs.


After 20 years of stability, it’s never been a more transformational time for networks. Network virtualisation offers the flexibility, agility, control and visibility you need as part of your digital future. Virtualised networking functions such as SDWAN can now be deployed on edge devices or in the cloud. Look mum, no boxes! We’ve been on the network virtualisation journey for years and our experts can guide you through this brave new world.


Whether you’re trying to make the most out of your existing infrastructure or starting from a blank piece of paper, our world-class technical consultants can help you design a network that future proofs your business. Network technologies may have evolved dramatically in the digital age but the paradigms of networking remain the same.


People of a certain age need regular check-ups to assess how well things are working. A network audit doesn’t only need to be done when an issue arises (although it’s often the case). An audit can help you keep track of inventory, detect security vulnerabilities and ensure you remain compliant. It can answer questions about the state of your network and inform decisions for your business or budget. Whatever your reason for an audit, our network experts are the best in the business and can help you today.

Data Centre Operations

We get it. You’re under ever-increasing pressure to run your IT more efficiently. You have to consider all of your options when it comes to operating and managing your network. Our operational support model offers greater flexibility and network performance while saving you money. We can manage your network with you or without you. Just tell us what you need.

Project Management

It doesn’t matter how good the network design is or how much money you’ve thrown at the project, you know as well as we do that without proper project management you’re doomed. Our project managers are Prince 2 certified and have delivered incredibly complex network and security projects for some of the biggest companies in the UK. And they’re still smiling...


Digital transformation strategy? Check. Evolving infrastructure? Check. Increase in complexity? Check. Complete visibility across your digital empire? Ummm... The network is the one thing that reaches everywhere and should provide ultimate visibility - but often fails to. It goes without saying that network visibility is crucial for businesses to understand how everything in their infrastructure works, what needs to be upgraded and what needs to be changed. You can’t manage what you can’t see goes the old adage.

Infrastructure Refresh

So you’re about to embark on a network refresh. You’ve recognised that your network needs to automate to keep pace with your business’ requirements. But what about end to end network security? And what about support? The right support services are just as important as cost and technical capability. We can walk you through all of these considerations to help you get the most bang for your refresh buck.

Load Balancing

Local (datacentre) load balancing lets you evenly distribute network traffic to prevent failure caused by overloading a particular resource. It’s not rocket science but a basic infrastructure fundamental at scale and we have the skills to help you with it.

Wireless Design & Deploy

If all of your employees experience reliable, fast and secure wifi all day every day then this section is not for you. If however, you’re struggling with underperforming wifi networks then our exceptional wireless networking experts can help to turn things around.


As your multi-cloud adoption strategy continues to gather pace, so too does the increase in your network complexity. Your job is not going to get any easier without an increase in automation and AI-powered tools taking care of the grunt work. Software-defined networks, virtual servers, and more are just some of the tools abstracting network drudgery away and our network experts can show you how to drive them.

Network as a Service

Network as a service can afford companies greater flexibility and even performance gains in their network infrastructure. But planning and careful testing are essential. As companies strive to run IT more efficiently, they are looking for ways to operate and manage their networks. New business models like network as a service promise that efficiency, through an on-demand provisioning model.

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