Why a WAN Discovery

Why a WAN Discovery

For more than 15 years, we have been supporting businesses through changing times with their network infrastructure and WAN transformation initiatives. For many companies, the last 12 months have been the most challenging of all. The new work from-anywhere-reality of business has put unprecedented pressures on business and accelerated the need for digital transformation.

To help our customers make the business case for WAN transformation, we have launched our WAN Discovery Offer designed to demonstrate the functional use and business case for SD-WAN.


Why a WAN Discovery

Traditional networking and WAN infrastructures are still stuck in the ’90s and while the world has made massive technological transformations during the last 25+ years, MPLS technology has not. With many of us moving to the cloud and remote working becoming the new norm, performance, easy management, and visibility are top of everyone’s want list. By understanding how to transform, advance, or even remove some of what you’ve got you can adapt to modern infrastructures and implement technologies that would have previously been impossible. SD-WAN is the modern WAN architecture that does just that, created with the cloud in mind, allowing you to be able to connect your users to data and applications from anywhere. By looking at a WAN Discovery you can understand just how valuable making these changes would be and the impact it can have on future initiatives.


What is a WAN Discovery

Gyrocom’s WAN Discovery Offer is a piece of consultancy to help you understand the network infrastructure you have today. Through this 10 day engagement, we analyse customers’ existing network environments and map out the journey for the business outcomes they desire. Whether it’s a move to the cloud or store transformation, we provide a step by step technical and commercial roadmap for achieving a network transformation that drives business objectives. Our network specialists will help you to unravel the complexity and give clarity across your network through technical and commercial analysis. All analysis will be collated in a recommendations report and presentation to help you make insightful decisions about the best next steps on your WAN transformation journey.


What are the Next Steps?

If a WAN discovery sounds like something that would be of value to you and the business you can learn more and register your interest here.

If you feel a WAN discovery is too soon, get in touch with us today and Gyrocom can help you work through some of your thoughts, challenges, and support your business endeavours. Get in touch with us here.


Wan Discovery Offer

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