What does your home office say about you?

What does your home office say about you?

As we all #WorkFromHome we were intrigued to take a peek behind the scenes at some of our home office work stations. Not surprisingly they’re as diverse as we are and clearly some decided to have a bit of fun with the brief…

We’re loving Sean’s club feel and imagine cool Ibiza sounds playing…

“Just keeping your seat warm” super colour co-ordination – even the dog matches Steve’s garret office or should we say grrrr office?

Richard, rustic rocker – is that a Jeff Beck cassette?

‘Escape to the Country’ (the calculator’s a bit of a clue) – Jane’s desk eschews positive vibes

Which leaves Ryan with no option other than his mancave and the cast of the ‘Hair Bear Bunch’ who are all clearly exhausted by the wheels of industry.

You just can’t have too many screens can you? But it’s good to throw in a cat photo for feline good.

Graham’s eco-friendly paperless office. Co-ordinating blue screensavers…must be a Sagittarian.

Sometimes it’s good to channel our ‘inner child’ #GetDownWithTheKids

Yvette didn’t get the memo “No-one puts baby in the corner”

A little Star Wars inspiration including handy light sabre if needed. May the force be with you!

From Camels to Casinos who knew?

Just getting the popcorn for the 3D immersive movie screen experience

Important to keep work life balance. Time for a beer and a bit of gaming #endofday

Gareth channelling his inner Einstein with formulaic jottings

New Home, New Office for Max

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