Want to know the secret to successful DDI?

Want to know the secret to successful DDI?

With the birth of the virtualised environment, we are no longer restricted by the number of physical servers in our racks, so the number of servers can grow significantly and at a greater rate than before. In a virtualised environment, machines are deployed, moved or powered down frequently.  In such a dynamic environment, keeping on top of the IP addresses, DNS records and Virtual machine IDs is very important. If manual intervention is required for all of these tasks, this will undoubtedly slow down the process, cutting into the benefits of a virtualised environment.

While there are many big brands offering the ability to deploy and manage virtual servers there are often still many tasks related to IPAM and DNS records which still need to be completed manually, or through scripting. Manually attending to these tasks is not only time and resource consuming, but the use of spreadsheets and scripting cannot scale to meet the needs of such an ever-changing environment.

Added to this is the fact that with virtualisation technologies, the divide of roles and responsibilities no longer simply fall between the more traditional teams of ‘Networks’ & ‘Server Infrastructure’.  There are many engineers with varied skill sets who are required to manage different aspects within the DDI arena.

With the increase in the virtualisation arena, there can be significant benefits in using automated DNS, DHCP & IP Address Management (DDI) for some of your network infrastructure.

The secret to success:

The solution is a robust and highly automated DDI infrastructure to work hand-in-hand with your virtual environment.

Gyrocom works with the leading vendors of such DDI technologies to provide a foundation for delivering reliable, scalable, and secure core network services including DNS, DNSSEC, DHCP and IPAM.

This can bring a number of benefits:

  • Grid Technology for resilience
  • Reduced time for deployment of Virtual Machines
  • Reduced risk of ‘human error’ in administration and management of IPAM & DNS records
  • Strict role-based delegation of DHCP, DNS & IPAM roles & responsibilities.
  • Centralized management of all aspects


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Posted by Steve Curle

Senior Network Engineer at Gyrocom.