Top Tips For Working From Home

Top Tips For Working From Home

So we’re all becoming home-working experts aren’t we? Here’s our team’s top tips for being a successful and happy home worker.

Top Tips

Have a structure to your day

Put your lunch break in your diary … and take it.

Schedule regular breaks to just stretch your legs, move around and look out of the window

Get a selfie light so you look gorgeous on those video calls

Get out of the house at least once a day, be in nature and the fresh air

Have some music playing in the background

Keep your home office space tidy

Make time to socialise with calls to colleagues

Don’t sit anywhere near the wine-rack

Put a time-lock on the fridge

Invest in a fan and a paddling pool for those super-hot days

Take a walk to mark the end of your work day and the start of your free time

The challenges

Family interruptions

Keeping the boundaries between work and home life

Noisy neighbours

Staying away from the fridge

Dodgy Wi-fi

Trying to work outside, while your laptop overheats and you’re struggling to see the screen

What we love

Lunch with the family

No commute and no sitting in traffic….. aaaah

Time for morning exercise – sets us up for the day all those feel good endorphins

Relaxed dress code (dress from the waist up for those video calls)

More flexibility

More time to cook from scratch with fresh ingredients

Spending more time with our pets

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