Team insights – meet Steve Curle

Team insights – meet Steve Curle

We’re celebrating a hat-trick; three of our team are celebrating 10 years at Gyrocom.  We thought it would be interesting to find out how times have changed and importantly what keeps them engaged.  First up Steve Curle, Senior Network Engineer / IT Consultant.

Steve CurleWhat is your background?
My IT career has focused mainly around LAN and security areas, but this has had to move with the times to keep up with the emerging technologies such as virtualisation and SDWAN.  Networking covers a wide range of areas, and I have always found that you pick up a good range of skills that can be applied across many different vendors and platforms.

What attracted you in terms of joining Gyrocom 10 years ago?
It was pretty much good timing from both sides.  We both ticked most boxes.  I was looking for a role that would give me scope to grow in skills and experience, and my historical knowledge of Nortel devices was high up Gyrocom’s list at the time.

Ten years is quite a long time to stay with one company – what has kept you here?
I guess it has been the breadth of technologies and variety that has kept me interested.  As well as the satisfaction I get from seeing the benefit Gyrocom brings to its customers

What sets Gyrocom apart from other companies in your opinion?
With Gyrocom, you are not just a number, you matter as an individual, and you really feel as though your voice will be heard.

What changes have you seen in both the company and the world of IT in your time with the company?
Gyrocom has matured and grown as a company but has kept its sense of ‘family’. As for the IT industry I think virtualisation and software defined networking have been the biggest changes.

What goals do you have for the future?
Always a hard question, but moving on from Gyrocom isn’t something that is likely to be on the cards for a while.  I have had many slightly differing engineering roles within my 10 years service, and have recently changed again, so I am looking forward to the new direction and challenges that this will bring.  I am moving away from a more support focused role, to one that is more based around projects

What would you have done in life if you hadn’t been in technology do you think?
Many don’t actually know that I am a qualified chef, but I had a dramatic change of career nearly 20 years ago.  So I guess I may have been in a catering management role.  Failing that, I may have gone into helping with a charitable organisation or something similar.




What are the qualities that are needed in your role?
A lot of my time is spent liaising with colleagues, so being a team player is high on the list.  Being able to multitask is also key, as with the use of instant messaging as well as email communications, I find that customers seem to think you are always available, so work time can be very interrupted.  Good troubleshooting skills and a logical, methodical way of processing scenarios is also a good skill I have.

How do you spend your spare time?
I have a very busy household, with three teenagers, all still at home, and our eldest away in the last year of University.  I enjoy walks with the family dog, but free time really is both a rarity and a luxury. My colleagues all know of my obsession with Rubik’s puzzles too, and I’ve even been known to have made a bespoke Gyro-Cube or two.

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Posted by Steve Curle

Senior Network Engineer at Gyrocom.