SD WAN – it’s not all about the cost…

SD WAN – it’s not all about the cost…

Our corporate applications are continuing to race towards the cloud as the benefits of flexibility and agility have become infinitely clear. What is less clear perhaps are the costs associated; is the cloud cheaper? Yes, no, maybe. When we started on the cloud journey the discussions were focused on cost savings but as we got further along the road we got a better understanding of what the cloud was, and perhaps more importantly what the cloud wasn’t. Our understanding has matured.

Networks are now going through this same maturity cycle with the introduction of SD WAN. We are tied to a legacy architecture that is designed for a world in which we no longer live. If we were building a green field environment today we would be unlikely to build a private WAN because our applications would be in the cloud. We still need resilience, we still need surety of performance, and we still need security – now more so than ever. SD WAN promises to provide all of this but the marketing is predominantly about cost savings just as it was in the early days of cloud adoption. We need to mature our understanding of what SD WAN is, and what SD WAN isn’t.

So is SD WAN cheaper than building a private WAN? Yes, No, Maybe. It depends on your use case. SD WAN absolutely provides more flexibility, more agility, and a completely new model to better address the security challenges we face today. What is for sure is that SD WAN is the right architecture to support your move to the cloud and this will become clearer as our shared understanding matures in this space.

Gyrocom are Network and Security specialists. We’ve been working with SD WAN for over three years now. With us you’ll be in a safe pair of hands to help you to get a better understanding of how this technology can benefit your organisation.

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