Saving Time = Saving Money: Fixing the delay with VM Automation

Saving Time = Saving Money: Fixing the delay with VM Automation

OK, so everyone can agree that there has been a major shift in the way infrastructure is set up. The days of giant resource sucking data centres are up; with their endless racks of physical servers replaced by the virtualised idiom: virtual machines residing on a single host in which resources and power are efficiently and dynamically distributed, based on a business’ actual requirements. But whilst this is all very well for systems that are up and running, what about the actual build process for deploying virtual machines (VM)?

Often the hold up during the build process can be the assignment of an IP address. You may have a process in place, but this likely involves asking the Network Team, who in turn may need to refer to a spreadsheet, or check for the next available IP.  Perhaps the Network Team is too busy with other more critical network issues, so, requests like yours get left before finding themselves on the infamous ‘Network task queue’, which, more often than not, gets left or ignored until someone eventually goes through the list… unless it is a Friday, in which case the Network Team have probably gone home early!!

What is needed is an automated IP assignment mechanism, which is integrated with a DDI (DNS, DHCP & IPAM) solution, whereby a new VM is allocated an IP address and its FQDN is registered in DNS, with forward and reverse records. In addition to this, when a VM is decommissioned or moved from a development to production environment, the old IP and DNS entries can be automatically removed, freeing up the address in the resource pool.

At Gyrocom, we are proud to partner with Infoblox, a leading provider of DDI solutions.  Infoblox can integrate seamlessly with your VM environment by use of an API plugin, to aid this potential blockage in your VM deployment process.

Now, through the use of the VMware vCenter Orchestrator (vCO) plugin, instead of having to wait hours, days or even weeks for the IP address assignment, your new virtual machines can be provided with an IP address and update DNS within a matter of minutes.

We all know time = money, so time saved = money saved, and that’s got to be good news!

Automating this process can also improve reliability of the IP assignment process, and helps the various systems and network departments to work more coherently.  The network team still controls the IP addressing, but will also have more time by not having to react to IP address requests, so it’s an excellent win/win situation.

To find out how Gyrocom and Infoblox can help with DDI solutions pick up the phone and give us a call on 08456 123 994, or email

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Posted by Steve Curle

Senior Network Engineer at Gyrocom.