Network Simplification

Network Simplification

With the fast-paced nature of business and technology supporting these initiatives, have our networks really kept up with the changing times? Traditional networking architecture is most common amongst businesses and is no longer suited to the cloud era we are living in or for what the future of technology may hold.

Many networking environments are an amalgamation of multiple networks through the acquisition of businesses, technology layered upon technology as threats become more advanced, or have implemented technologies to adapt and support business objectives over time.

So, when it comes to taking on a new project or trying to solve a problem many of us think bringing in new technologies is the answer, however, that’s not always the case. It’s the lack of visibility and complexity of a network that is the real problem. We have helped many businesses with their networks from rip and replace projects, to consultancy to bringing new technology and many more. However, in our latest project, we look at network simplification.

So, what is a network simplification project?

Simply put, we help businesses understand and get to the root of their network. Help to uncover what technologies you have, how these are being used, are they still needed, and how to make the network work better for your users and meet business objectives.

This process has benefited businesses greatly as they can now see exactly what is happening across their network. We have helped increase the use and value of assets already in place, ripped out technologies they were paying for but actually not using, and given them the power to find the problem. The network is the first to be blamed if there is a problem and it can be a real challenge to prove it’s not the network’s fault or find where the problem actually lies. Through simplification, you gain visibility and control to easily find problems and make the implementation of new projects or support business objectives a breeze.

One of our happy customers recently engaged us on a network simplification project and has seen benefits immediately. They have been able to move closer to a DevOps environment, performance is at an all-time high, and the network is now supporting business objectives it previously couldn’t. Their streamlined network allows them to have agility and speed in implementing new applications that had previously been painstakingly difficult to install. They have also gained the time to look at other projects without being worried about the network ‘failing’ them or being a spanner in the works.

So, how is a network simplification project carried out?

Simply! We begin by speaking to stakeholders in the business to understand what the network needs to support now and in the future. From these conversations, we look at the current network setup, what needs to be changed, and how improvements can be made and simplified. This is all fed back in a full report and roadmap for you to assess.

Interested? Get in touch with us today, tell us your network problems and we will support you in making it better to work for now and the future.

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Posted by Lucy Black

Lucy Black is a Partner Development Executive at Gyrocom