Don’t build and scale networks flying blind

Don’t build and scale networks flying blind

Understand your bandwidth requirements with SD-WAN.

Do you know what’s really going on in your network? Probably not.  Take some small comfort in the fact that you are not alone.  In our discussions, we are continuously surprised by the lack of visibility that our clients and prospects actually have within their environments. That said, even though you’re not alone it’s still a problem.

This lack of visibility arises because certainly in the UK, and developed Europe, wide area networks have traditionally been procured as a managed service from a service provider. In doing so customers have let go of all of the complexity and all of the information because that sits on the service provider’s side of the equation.

The surprising part is that they’ve let go of it even though this is the single piece of information that gives the customer control about developing, building, and scaling their wide area network’s environments. So, for instance, if I have a link at a particular level of bandwidth, the question that arises is, “Well, do you need that bandwidth or not? Are you using that bandwidth or not? Do you have visibility of what that looks like?”

There are several challenges here because the answer is often, “No, I don’t”. The actual skills and abilities to be able to interpret the information, even if you do have access to it, have dropped off a bit of a cliff. Bandwidth is not a binary problem, it’s completely variable over time so visibility of that and what particular applications you’re using is paramount.


How much bandwidth do you need?

If you’re adding more applications to the environment can you credibly answer the question as to whether or not you can support those applications across your wide area network? Invariably customers don’t know because they don’t have the visibility.

So, what do they do?

They ask the service providers who have a vested interest in selling them more bandwidth. So, by giving the managed service and the visibility to your service provider, you’ve essentially given the service provider the control in that conversation and if there’s an opportunity for them to sell you additional bandwidth, guess what? They will. That’s why visibility is so important and SD-WAN gives you back that visibility. It gives you the ability to make a much higher-quality decision about the component parts of what you need in your wide area network.

First off we need to understand what the traffic is and then we can decide what products, what service, so we can construct your environment to give you what you need, with a modicum of headroom, and the ability to be able to scale and drive the best value out to the market, that is now becoming increasingly commoditised.


A typical conversation goes as follows:

Customer:  “Do I need leased line circuits, or can I get away with broadband?”

Gyrocom: “Well, what does your traffic profile look like? We need visibility.”

Customer:  “I don’t know.”

Gyrocom:  “Well, let’s find out before we ask that question.”

We then find out by deploying SD-WAN. It gives us the picture. Then we go to the service provider market and say, “We need this, not this. We need this. We can decommission this. We can turn that off completely.” That’s how you drive value. That’s what visibility gives you.






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Posted by Graham Brown

Managing Director at Gyrocom - Helping customers build better networks.