Celebrating 10 years with Gyrocom

Celebrating 10 years with Gyrocom

Today we’re chatting with Michael Burnett project manager who is celebrating 10 years with Gyrocom.

What is your background? 
I have a degree in management, IT and language from York. I went into IT recruitment straight after Uni working with a company which was supporting Gyrocom providing contract consultants. That was my introduction to Graham and Ryan and I joined  Gyrocom to take on a Project management role

What attracted you to Gyrocom 10 years ago?
Working on the recruitment side I was able to observe the company and management before joining and was excited at the potential based on the business they were winning at such an early stage of the company.

Ten years is quite a long time to stay with one company – what has kept you here?
There has always been progression in terms of the size and scope of projects I have been given to manage. I have been given the freedom to manage independently without being micromanaged, which I enjoy. Finally, Gyrocom values and rewards its team. This has allowed me to stay in a work environment I enjoy without needing to look elsewhere for an increased salary

What sets Gyrocom apart from other companies in your opinion?
The calibre of staff hired and staff retention. Maintaining a sense of family within a business that is growing all the time, that’s important and not something that many organisation manage to achieve.

What changes have you seen in both the company and the world of IT in your time with the company?
I have seen the company grow from a single full time employee (me) to a large and experienced team that has won large corporate projects and managed services against some of the world’s biggest IT companies. The world of IT has become increasingly digital since I started, with a focus on constant updates and agile working.

What goals do you have for the future?
To continue managing large and complex projects, eventually progressing into programme management.

How do you spend your spare time?
I play tennis with colleagues when away for work. When at home I spend time with the kids and walking the dog.

If you hadn’t been in the world of IT what do you think you might have pursued as a career?
I wanted to be a lawyer, until I found out it took seven years!


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