6 Reasons You Should Avoid SD-WAN for good.  No Matter What.

6 Reasons You Should Avoid SD-WAN for good. No Matter What.

With all of the noise around SD-WAN, I thought I’d give you a few good reasons to bin this idea for good.

Avoid SDWAN if…

1. You love paying over the odds for an MPLS service – Saving money for your business is not really a focus for you.

2. You love the way a 3-year lock-in makes you feel – safe and warm. Options and flexibility terrify you.

3. You have no desire to improve the performance of your cloud-based apps –  they all work perfectly, for every employee, at every location, all of the time.  Job done. Next.

4. You have all the time in the world to set up new connections to your WAN.  Six weeks, two months, who cares. Why does everything have to move so quickly these days?

5. You love arguing that the network is NOT the problem. So what if you have no evidence to show to your bosses?

6. You trust your service provider implicitly to always deliver the best service at the best price for you – putting you ahead of their profits.

If this is you then all the best for 2020 – we’ll be talking to your competition 🙂

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Posted by Jane Hamlyn

Jane Hamlyn is the Commercial Director at Gyrocom.