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Traditional IT security methods are not enough to support the mobile-enabled workforce today. Users have left the building, applications have moved to the cloud and security cannot be tied solely to the data centre. Gyrocom is proud to partner with Zscaler, a cloud security platform built into the internet. Together with Zscaler, Gyrocom can transform the way customers deliver internet and web security.

zscaler security


WAN Discovery Offer

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Zscaler Internet Access

Born in the cloud and built for speed, Zscaler Internet Access helps you break free from traditional appliance models, cut costs and restore security in a cloud-first world. With unlimited scalability, organisations can easily scale protection to all offices or users regardless of location.

Zscaler Internet Access moves the entire security stack to the cloud, with integrated security services which provide the highest level of protection – with low latency

zscaler security



Gyrocom and Zscaler

Why customers benefit from Cloud Security with Gyrocom and Zscaler:


The cloud is always reachable from anywhere, anytime, from any device.


You can add new features and thousands of users without breaking a sweat.


Security and other services talk to each other so you get full visibility.


The cloud scans every byte coming and going, including SSL and CDN traffic.


The cloud learns from every user and connection; any new threat is blocked for all.

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