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The gradual commoditisation of hardware and advancements of virtualisation into storage and the network are fostering new ways of delivering services within the data centre. VMware is leading the charge with its Software-Defined Data Centre (SDDC) architecture model for building and operating enterprise public and private clouds, and Gyrocom are proud to be a VMware partner.

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Software Defined Networking

VMware is leading the charge with its SDDC architecture model for building and operating enterprise public and private clouds. Automation of infrastructure management in software enables the delivery of applications as ‘Cloud-like-services’, whilst achieving transformational levels of efficiency, agility, and choice to the business. Every customer’s journey to SDDC is different and Gyrocom’s partnership with VMware provides a number of solutions to help realise their strategy.

Networking, in particular, Software Defined Networking (SDN), is one of Gyrocom’s key technology pillars in the delivery of the SDDC. Networking Virtualization is refining the delivery of complex network architectures, allowing them to be delivered in a fraction of the time.

VMware NSX is leading the way in SDN through it’s automated provisioning of network and security virtualisation; bringing to traditional networking and security what virtualisation brought to the server computing industry. Network Automation removes the operational barrier the network has become, enabling IT to respond at the rate the business demands, increasing speed of innovation and reducing time to market.



We’re VMware NSX Experts

Whether you are looking to create, grow, or optimise your SDDC – or maximise the potential of an existing NSX deployment – you will benefit from our qualified VMware NSX consultants. Gyrocom consultants have a broad frame of technical reference enabling them to provide our clients with industry-leading advice in all areas of the SDDC.

Gyrocom has built, from the ground up, a structured capability for the complete SDDC and currently represent almost 30% of all qualified NSX VCP-NV’s in the UK.

As VMware “Specialist Partner of the Year UK&I 2016” and one of the first UK VMware Partners to have achieved the Network Virtualization Competency, Gyrocom is a recognised and highly regarded leader in the fast-growing SDN market.




Gyrocom and VMware offer

Business Drivers to deploy Network Virtualization using VMware NSX include:


Reduce the speed at which multi-tiered secure network environments are deployed.


automation reduces the time taken to deploy complex network environments and saving time equals saving money.

Network Virtualisation

NSX moves network intelligence into software and is independent of the underpinning physical network.

Infrastructure Independent

NSX operates on any hypervisor, across any network, and integrates with any cloud management platform.


NSX delivers the security model all experts have been waiting for: security profiles are distributed across the hypervisor, securing virtual machines at the vNIC, with policies moving as VMs are distributed across the clusters.

Case Studies.

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SD-WAN Solution for Multi-Site UK Housing Association.

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Global Financial Services Company Deploys SD-WAN.

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ABP Food Group

Large global food manufacturing company SD-WAN deployment.

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