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Cybercrime and new types of security threats continue to evolve, challenging organisations to keep up, especially as network boundaries and attack surfaces expand. Security breaches and intellectual property loss can have a huge impact, with an estimated annual global cost of over $600 Billion – a sufficient address the rise volume and sophistication of attacks because they focus mainly on detection and remediation. Cybercriminals invest in the latest technologies with their peers to keep their approach ahead of point-focused security products. However, cybercriminals are not the only threat; employees might often unknowingly violate corporate compliance and expose critical data in locations such as the public cloud.

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Many current threats have proven to be too sophisticated for legacy security solutions, the Palo Alto Networks approach to security focuses on prevention rather than detection. This approach is paramount for complete visibility into each piece of the cyber-attack lifecycle and gives the Palo Alto Networks Security Operating Platform the ability to turn unknown threats into known threats by responding to and turning around security updates in minutes rather than days or months.

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Gyrocom and PaloAlto

Gyrocom and PaloAlto can secure every user, every application on any device and we help customers by:

Providing Visibility

Reducing the Attack Surface

Preventing all Known Threats

Preventing all Unknown Threats

Securing the Entire Estate both Public and Private

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