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As one of the largest security technology specialists Fortinet works across all sizes of private, public, and government organizations. Fortinet’s technology enables businesses to feel empowered with the infrastructure giving uninterrupted protection. Along with the power and intelligence to keep up with the ever-changing demand and imposing threats.

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A transformative solution leveraging legacy WAN and multi-cloud connectivity, Fortinet’s SD-WAN solution aims to deliver increased application performance at the edge of branch sites. This ensures quick and easy access to business-critical applications while increased visibility giving your network team insight to make well-informed decisions and routing policies.

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Gyrocom and Fortinet

Gyrocom and Fortinet through SD-WAN can:

Application awareness

Deliver high-performance bandwidth for critical applications, intelligently identify the very first packet of data traffic, gain visibility about application use.

Dynamic Path Selection

Intelligently identifies and determines the best path the application should take to maximise functionality be it an MPLs connection, broadband, or LTE. With self-healing capabilities, traffic is moved to the best available link if the primary link has a problem.

Zero Touch Deployment

Control and data plane separation for centralised management which allows faster deployment and simplified edge operations.

Network Management

Choose from one of our support options that work with your business requirements to optimize your WAN solution.

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