Gyrocom Partners

Gyrocom partners with the ‘best of breed’ technology vendors to assist our clients in achieving their strategic business objectives. Our partners differentiate in their approach and support the Gyrocom vision of achieving a more efficient infrastructure.

Gyrocom lives for innovation; but it has to be innovation that works for our customers. We are constantly looking at emerging infrastructure technologies, always with an eye on how they might help our customers do more, spend less and improve their business outcomes.

dell SD-WAN managed Services

Dell SD-WAN powered by VMware Velocloud

The combination of Dell technologies purpose built next generation networking appliances and the leading OEM SD-WAN software from VMware creates a simple and powerful all in one solution to save businesses time and money.

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Silver Peak partner

Silver Peak SD-WAN

Gyrocom is proud to partner with Silver Peak Systems and offer customers the flexibility to securely connect users to their applications via the most cost-effective source of connectivity available.

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VMware SD-WAN by Velocloud

As enterprise applications migrate to the cloud, organisations need to enhance their networking infrastructure to meet the demands of changing workloads and increasing data volumes. Gyrocom is proud to partner with VMware Velocloud to facilitate seamless deployment of cloud-delivered SD-WAN, offering customer choice, automation, and visibility for their communications.

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VMware NSX

The gradual commoditisation of hardware and advancements of virtualisation into storage and the network are fostering new ways of delivering services within the data centre. VMware is leading the charge with its Software-Defined Data Centre (SDDC) architecture model for building and operating enterprise public and private clouds, and Gyrocom are proud to be a VMware partner.

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Zscaler Security

Traditional IT security methods are not enough to support the mobile-enabled workforce today. Users have left the building, applications have moved to the cloud and security cannot be tied solely to the data centre. Gyrocom is proud to partner with Zscaler, a cloud security platform built into the internet. Together with Zscaler, Gyrocom can transform the way customers deliver internet and web security.

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Palo Alto Security

Cybercrime and new types of security threats continue to evolve, challenging organisations to keep up, especially as network boundaries and attack surfaces expand. Security breaches and intellectual property loss can have a huge impact, with an estimated annual global cost of over $600 Billion - a sufficient address the rise volume and sophistication of attacks because they focus mainly on detection and remediation.

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cisco sdwan

Cisco SD-WAN

Cisco Meraki aims to create the simplest most powerful IT solutions by experimenting and designing innovative solutions. Their solutions fall into three categories, Access, WAN & IoT that can work collaboratively or separately giving businesses choice and flexibility to fit their specific needs.

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Fortinet sd-wan

Fortinet SD-WAN

As one of the largest security technology specialists Fortinet works across all sizes of private, public, and government organizations. Fortinet’s technology enables businesses to feel empowered with the infrastructure giving uninterrupted protection. Along with the power and intelligence to keep up with the ever-changing demand and imposing threats.

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