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Financial Company Chooses the Software Defined Data Centre Over Traditional Three Tier Infrastructure

London Capital Group (LCG) is a leading provider of online trading services. Its success has been driven by a dynamic approach to the industry and by building a business model that operationally has no restrictions on scalability. Their first online spread betting service went live in 2003 and since then the company has grown rapidly. Today LCG offer a wide variety of financial trading products for retail, professional and institutional investors. The company has plans for global expansion and has an aggressive pipeline of new product launches on the drawing board.

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London Capital Group




Replace an aging and unreliable IT estate to support aggressive growth objectives.


Gyrocom proposed an SDDC solution which incorporated a hyper-converged architecture and network virtualisation.


• Infrastructure Flexibility
• Increased Security
• Simplified Processes
• Reduced Cost


A newly installed IT management team was faced with the challenge of replacing an ageing and increasingly unreliable IT estate as well as a head office move and support for the continued business growth objectives. All of this to the back drop of very aggressive timeframes and the inevitable pressures of capital expenditure controls.

At the point of engagement LCG had a solution for Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS), Cisco networking and Nimble Storage on the drawing board to replace the entirety of the current LCG data centre infrastructure across three locations in the UK. However, through a series of initial discussions it became obvious that there were still concerns over the cost, complexity and resource intensive nature of the currently proposed three tier architecture.


Gyrocom, in conjunction with our strategic partners Nutanix and VMware were quickly able to propose an alternative solution based on the concept of the Software Defined Data Centre (SDDC).

This solution proposed the Nutanix Xtreme Computing Platform (XCP) to consolidate compute and storage into a single scale-out architecture with VMware NSX network virtualisation deployed to provide abstraction and a profile based approach to network security.

Other aspects of the proposed solution were to use VMware at the server virtualisation layer and, as the Cisco switching environment had already been procured prior to Gyrocom’s engagement, this was retained within the overall solution. The entire technical validation process for LCG was carried out in less than 6 weeks and equipment was being provisioned within the LCG facilities by week 8 of the engagement.


LCG have now successfully moved both internal and external facing systems to the new data centre infrastructure. The immediate benefits to LCG have been as follows:

• Ability to start small (right size) and start quickly (6-8 weeks to production)
• Simplified deployment and on-going operational model – reduced headcount
• No requirement for a dedicated storage administrator
• No requirement for East – West Firewalls or dedicated Load Balancing
• Release of operational staff to other strategic objectives
• Improved Flexibility & Reliability
• Increased Business Agility
• Performance Increases
• Reduced Cost

Moving forward, as more capacity is required, adding new resources to the environment is now a technical logistics process and not an IT architectural problem. Additionally, the ability to profile workloads at the network and security level means that systems can be provisioned and tested in UAT environments and then quickly transitioned into production environments in a fraction of the time previously possible. LCG has also seen significant improvements in the time taken to complete certain batch processes and now have the ability to carry out complex database queries that were previously thought beyond the limits of the legacy systems.

The benefits of the Software-Defined Data Centre have been fully recognised and LCG now have a data centre platform that fully supports their strategic business objectives of global expansion and new product releases.

About Gyrocom

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