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Hertshten Group is a financial services business made up of many global subsidiaries across insurance, investment and financial trading. They have 11 sites globally and shared IT services, centrally located in the UK with very little distributed IT presence.

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SDWAN addresses sub-optimal MPLS provision and internet connectivity issues for large financial institution.


Hertshten Group had been struggling with their incumbent MPLS provider which they found to be prohibitively expensive and inflexible. Additionally, there was no way for Hertshten to measure lapses in committed SLA’s (latency/jitter/loss) and therefore they could not hold their MPLS provider accountable. Hertshten had no visibility or control of WAN traffic or application prioritisation. Despite having centralised their IT function, they still had no centralised control of the WAN.

Hertshten was using a combination of Layer 2 MPLS and internet circuits however their Asia division was experiencing unreliable internet connections at most offices. This poor connectivity lead to drops in connectivity, spikes in latency and a requirement for manual invoking of secondary connections.

All of these issues resulted in a negative impact on the overall application performance and subsequent user experience. They also stunted the progress of Hertshten’s cloud adoption strategy with AWS.


Gyrocom conducted a design workshop to understand the global network setup and to provide guidance on a suitable POC design. Following the workshop, Gyrocom deployed a non-production POC across three international sites, underpinned by an extensive test plan to prove the technology.

Deploying the solution as an overlay to work with existing links, routers and firewalls, Gyrocom was able to prove the capability of SD-WAN in the following areas:

  • Resilience through active/active connectivity
  • Increased reliability of the WAN by dynamically optimising WAN traffic using multiple links and mitigating jitter, latency and loss conditions
  • Providing a complete and extensive view of application traffic and WAN utilisation
  • Facilitating centralised control of the WAN
  • Integration capabilities with pre-existing firewall technology to guarantee security


Following the successful POC Hertshten were immediately able to recognise how transforming their WAN could better support operational efficiency and growth of the overall business.

They were so impressed with the technology that immediately following the POC they retired their MPLS completely and moved to an internet-only SD-WAN architecture which Gyrocom helped design and deploy.

About Gyrocom

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