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Gyrocom, experts in the software-defined enterprise launches SD-WAN Managed Service

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Gyrocom, experts in the software defined enterprise has launched an SD-WAN subscription based managed service; developed specifically to help Enterprises improve their networks.

SD-WAN Launch

SD-WAN enables organisations to build private networks over any connection medium, including commodity broadband where they have previously been hostage to expensive MPLS upgrades. It abstracts the application traffic into logical networks, routes traffic packet by packet via the optimal route available and overcomes latency and bandwidth restrictions. Additionally, SD-WAN breaks the technology lock-in supported by the service provider community and for the first time gives the customer choice, visibility and control. Benefit laden, it is not surprising that reports suggest that over 90% of organisations will migrate to SD-WAN in the next 12 months.  

Graham Brown Gyrocom’s managing director said, “Adopting Gyrocom’s managed SD-WAN service means that you are in a safe pair of hands. With 10 years’ experience in networking and specialising in software defined technologies we take away the risk, and the complexity; something that is definitely holding businesses back in taking advantage of all that SD-WAN has to offer. It’s already a crowded marketplace vendor wise and is potentially overwhelming. Our subscription based managed service is a non-disruptive, cost-effective solution, that will drive business efficiency, backed with round the clock peace of mind.”

For more information please visit: info.gyrocom.co.uk/sdwan

About Gyrocom

Established in 2006 Gyrocom are experts in the Software Defined Enterprise. We help our clients adopt a “consumption” approach to IT by delivering solutions that are better aligned to the pace of today’s digital economy. Whether in the Cloud or in your own Data Centre, infrastructure silos are consolidating and Gyrocom can help your organisation recognise the very clear benefits of this brave new world.