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Gyrocom Chooses IBM Cloud to Deliver Customised Infrastructure Solutions

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SoftLayer platform enables Gyrocom to rapidly deploy custom infrastructure solutions while cutting deployment time and costs.

Software Defined Data Centre specialist Gyrocom has chosen the IBM Cloud as the foundation for its customiszed solutions which will incorporate a mix of hybrid cloud deployments, consulting, and managed services.

With a focus on efficiency, simplicity, and infrastructure automation, Gyrocom has built—from the ground up—a structured delivery capability for the Software Defined Data Centre (SDDC).

"Like many of our peers, we faced the 'build versus buy' conundrum when it came to cloud-based infrastructure," said Gyrocom managing director Graham Brown. "We were tempted to build our own 'cloud' for customer delivery because of the perceived limitations in the public cloud market. With IBM Cloud, we don't see those same limitations."

While many companies are migrating from private infrastructures to the public cloud, the main deployment model for Gyrocom's customer base remains private infrastructure. For those customers who are ready to bridge their private infrastructure with cloud solutions, or take the leap to the public cloud, Gyrocom offers a variety of hybrid and customised cloud solutions through SoftLayer's global cloud platform.

"With the IBM Cloud's SoftLayer, we can deploy bare metal servers, virtual servers, public clouds, and private clouds—all on a single platform—enabling us to easily and rapidly deliver custom solutions, including hybrid models that ease the transition to cloud, for our clients," said Brown.

With SoftLayer's platform, Gyrocom gained a single, proprietary infrastructure management system, accessible by API, portal, and mobile applications. This enables easy automation, one of the core tenants of Gyrocom's business model.

"The SoftLayer platform differentiates IBM Cloud from competing cloud providers—it'sits ability to deploy bare metal servers, virtual compute instances, and private clouds makes complex deployment architectures possible," added Brown. "With SoftLayer, Gyrocom has delivered strategic product trials of new technologies in a fraction of the time and cost than was previously possible. We look forward to continuing our relationship with IBM Cloud and bringing the benefits of the SoftLayer platform to our customers."


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About Gyrocom

Gyrocom are infrastructure specialists. Our expertise is based on years of experience addressing some of the largest networks in the UK today. We build the next generation of enterprise IT infrastructure and our aim is to keep it simple. We help our customers spend less on the things that can be commoditised and more on the things that differentiate you from your competition.