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Gyrocom endeavours to ensure that the solutions we provide to our customers are based not only on increased performance and efficiency but also improved control. That’s why SoftLayer’s transparent approach to Cloud Computing fits perfectly with Gyrocom. We are a proud Softlayer Partner for the UK.

The IBM Cloud data center offers an all in one platform formed from data centres from Sydney to Sao Paolo, providing an exhaustive range of cloud computing options. Everything is integrated and automated via a unique private network and state of the art management system.



Together, Gyrocom and IBM Cloud offer:

  • Flexiblity: On-demand, scalable and cost-effective Cloud Computing available in minutes for as long as you require: whether that is a single virtual server for an hour or a set of fully customizable bare metal servers for the next year.
  • Control: The SoftLayer API has more than 3,000 documented methods across 180 services, an internal management system and a customer portal that has fully automated the entire portfolio of services.  This enables you to enjoy direct management of your Cloud infrastructure, whether single or multi tenanted, via multiple access points; API, web portal or mobile application.
  • Global Reach: The SoftLayer proprietary network architecture boasts more than 2,000 Gbps of connectivity between 15 data centres and 18 network points of presence with multiple 10Gbps connections per location.
  • Transparent Pricing: With clear pricing on all cloud components up front, you are ensured the performance, reliability and capacity that your workload demands at the price you expected. Pay by the hour or the month for a truly variable IT operations model.

For more information on the Softlayer datacenter or to discuss a proof of concept, call 08456 123 994 or email us at

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