Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform

Gyrocom believe in building out IT infrastructure as you grow, rather than buying a big bucket of resource every five years with the view to filling it up over that period.

Consequently, Gyrocom are proud to be a Nutanix Partner, the most ‘visionary virtual computing platform solution’ according to the very first Converged Infrastructure Gartner Magic Quadrant.

Traditional data centre infrastructures are built in silos: network, compute and SAN or NAS with a further expensive network layer to connect them. Furthermore, you have separate teams to manage those separate technology silos.

Nutanix takes a new approach with the Nutanix virtual computing platform. It collapses the compute and storage layers, thereby simplifying data centre architecture. You can add one node at a time, which is hypervisor agnostic (and packed with built-in support) and scale out as your business grows.          

This webscale technology brings together enterprise grade storage (all the good stuff: snapshots, de-duplication, automated tiering, compression etc) with high performance compute.


What can Gyrocom and Nutanix deliver for you?

  • Webscale architecture: Pay as you grow, not in advance. Predictable & forecastable infrastructure growth.
  • Reduce OPEX & CAPEX: Integration of storage and server leads to a reduced hardware footprint. Less equipment means less cost.
  • Efficient Data-centre: A single, easily manageable, deployment that runs all your applications
  • Agility: Deploy a new node in minutes for predictable data-centre performance
  • Software defined, hardware agnostic: This isn’t another complex hardware solution, all services are delivered through software.

Perfect for any virtualised environment, Big Data projects, VDI initiatives, Disaster recovery planning or remote offices. Nutanix offers an innovative solution that makes things simple.

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