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Gyrocom Launches a series of “Virtualisation Benchmark Sessions” to help Large Enterprises Tackle the Underlying Causes of Inefficiency

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Gyrocom is running a series of complimentary online virtualisation benchmark sessions to help large Enterprises tackle IT inefficiencies. The sessions focus on infrastructure utilisation and the technologies that can help you reach your efficiency targets. The benchmark sessions last 45 minutes and will illustrate how your infrastructure utilisation should and could be running at around 70% efficiency.

Historically it has been time consuming and difficult to gather intelligence of IT deployments before making informed decisions on how to best move forward. With Gyrocom’s innovative metering process you can make informed decisions on how best to align your IT infrastructure with your business objectives.

During the sessions we will discuss how to:

  • Assure performance through real-time analytics
  • Drive better efficiencies through prescriptive recommendations
  • Use planning tools to help deliver an accurate capacity plan
  • Manage your infrastructure in real-time, enabling you to run consistently at optimum utilisation levels

    One large Enterprise client said, “The exercise highlighted the need to re-think the deployment strategy and adopt a virtualise first stance. Consumption metrics proved that the bulk of the workloads can be virtualized to reduce cost on the current environment.”