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Gyrocom and 6fusion Help Organisations Gain True Clarity on their IT Spend

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In a bid to drive IT efficiency Gyrocom is helping businesses to get clarity on their IT spend through free on-site workshops. Through its meter and evaluate methodology Gyrocom is able to calculate the costs, utilisation rates, and capacity of a company’s IT infrastructure. Much like electricity, IT infrastructure is now widely recognised as a commodity which Gyrocom believes is most efficient when deployed in single units. This innovative new approach can reveal unprecedented granularity, revealing the resources that your current applications are using.

This is an important starting point say’s Graham Brown, Gyrocom’s MD “ Most companies don’t have this visibility and without this they simply can’t get close to an efficient approach to their IT and so the default position is one of over-provision. Server utilization rates are typically around 15%; frankly this is not good enough. In one session with a large recruitment company we were able to show that the company was ‘wasting’ 62% of its IT capacity and we were able demonstrate that by optimising and virtualising the infrastrucutre we could save them 20% a month; the equivalent of £6,000, no small saving.”

At the end of the workshop Gyrocom was able to make recommendations around target architecture which would best serve the business and the company had some tangible evidence showing

  • How much infrastructure they had deployed
  • How much of that they were using
  • How much of that was being wasted
  • How much they could actually use (given their current workloads)

In addition to being able to drill down into the detail of the current IT environment the workshops also allow

  • The ability to measure new IT initiatives and how this impacts the cost of your unit of compute, excellent fro tracking ROI
  • Benchmarking, comparing your improved value of investment against the peers in your sector
  • Assisting with evaluation for tenders, the ability to make like-for-like comparisons
  • Reduction of carbon footprint

For more information about your free workshop please contact Tanya Kingston on 08456 123994, email tkingston@gyrocom.co.uk or visit http://www.gyrocom.co.uk

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About Gyrocom

Gyrocom are Infrastructure Specialists. Our expertise is based on years of experience addressing the challenges within some of the largest networks in the UK today. Our ethos is simple; we look to make best use of what you have today, we look to remove inefficiency and complexity wherever possible, and we achieve this without compromising infrastructure security. Gyrocom reduces the cost of network infrastructure delivery and help organisations tackle the “underlying” causes of inefficiency.

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