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Gyrocom Launches a Series of ‘Green IT Workshops’ to Promote the Adoption of a Greener IT infrastructure

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Gyrocom is running a series of Director level workshops as part of its drive to help businesses become more efficient. This analysis of IT infrastructure will demonstrate how the overall cost to your business can be reduced by as much as 70%, making your business leaner and greener.

What you cannot measure you cannot manage. In these 90 minute sessions which are jargon-free, we approach the subject of IT from a business not a technical perspective. Using meter, evaluate and act methodology we are able to drill down into single units of ‘compute’ allowing you to know what you use, what you need and what you are wasting; the true cost of your IT. We can even make recommendations about the IT infrastructure that will best meet your needs going forward.

As a result of the workshops we will help you to:

  • understand how many units of IT you have
  • identify the number of units of IT you are using
  • highlight the number of units of IT are being wasted
  • quantify what each unit of IT costs you to produce

Driving greater degrees of efficiency means that you can do more with less. You can consume less power and you can reduce your Carbon footprint. The IT industry is bloated and wasteful but technology has moved on and we can be more efficient if we have access to the right information in a format we can understand. “Meter” your IT and drive better IT outcomes!

Gyrocom has already received an extremely positive response from a variety of businesses since the launch of this proposition. Companies as diverse as media, medical, banks, schools and universities as well as a particular interest from local government authorities. The reality is that this is relevant to all companies of all sizes and verticals who are interested in driving efficiencies, including reducing costs and energy consumption.