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Case Studies & White Papers

For years we have been providing innovative IT solutions to some of the largest businesses in the UK. We have delivered into enterprises of every size and in every sector with one thing remaining consistent: our exceptional customer service.

Find out why we boast a 95% repeat custom record and gain an insight into some of the enterprising solutions we have delivered.

Software Defined Data Centre Solution

Gyrocom, in conjunction with strategic partners, helped LCG adopt a software defined data centre solution over a traditional three-tier infrastructure.

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International Data Centre Migration Project

Gyrocom architected and managed the virtualisation and migration of physical infrastructure from a European data centre to the UK.

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Store PCI Compliance Solution

Gyrocom designed and implemented a firewall solution to each of the Co-operative's 3,500 UK stores in order to segment and protect card holder data within…

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Group Hosting Area

Gyrocom designed and implemented a framework for the integrated delivery of DDI, across a number of operating companies, allowing for the first time a…

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Infrastructure Managed Service

Gyrocom restored core stability to the network by transitioning their data centre to a much simpler and refreshed design which dramatically improved service…

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Computer Weekly Report: Next Generation Networks for the Cloud

A Computer Weekly report discussing the benefits of SD-WAN and network virtualisation in a cloud-enabled world.

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Cloud Enabled Networks

This paper introduces Gyrocom’s framework for the next generation of corporate networks, designed to give organisations choice in a cloud-enabled world.

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Unified Hybrid Cloud

Seven out of ten enterprises are adopting a hybrid cloud approach. The benefits are clear but Public Cloud providers do not align to the technologies utilised within the typical corporate data centre. How then do customers take advantage of the convenience and elasticity of the Public Cloud without compromising the control of the corporate data centre? This paper focuses on providing an answer to this question that can be implemented today…

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The Journey to Next Generation IT Infrastructure

Enterprise IT infrastructure is experienceing a paradigm shift. This is not an advancement, this is not a development – this is a fundamental change in the way things are done. In order to provide context, the last time this sort of change happened was the move to client / server architectures and away from the mainframe. That change reshaped the IT industry and this will too. The next generation of IT infrastructure for the enterprise is here and it is here for a reason.

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Business optimised infrastructure

Business Optimised Infrastructure (BOI) empowers an organisation’s ability to maximize the value of a strategic infrastructure asset. When adopted, the BOI moves an organisation away from a re-active (tactical) deployment paradigm by addressing the issues that put them there in the first place. This paper explores the benefits and steps required to adopt a business optimised infrastructure.

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A framework for IT as a utility

The IT Utility Model has created a new market for the delivery of IT, one that is not yet standardised or regulated let alone commoditised or traded. This paper takes a cross sectional look at the key players and their specific pricing policies aligned to the delivery of IT as a utility.

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Utility computing

Enterprise architecture is currently undergoing the most significant period of development in recent memory. This is being driven through the widespread adoption of “Cloud” based service offerings and the converging maturity of key enabling technologies. Cloud architectures (whether Public, Private, or Hybrid) and delivereing efficiencies that are difficult to deny from a business perspective. This paper explores the concept of Utility Computing. 

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