Arista Cloud Networking Solutions

Gyrocom’s quest for efficiency, speed and adaptability in the modern data centre has been the driving force behind becoming an Arista partner. Virtualisation and dynamic flexibility has become the norm in the server space and Gyrocom believe that Arista is the best provider of LAN switching and routing for the next-generation of data centre.

Arista's EOS operating system is the most adaptable and dynamic operating system the networking industry has ever seen, with a single binary software image across the Arista switching family. EOS has a base set of commands, easily recognisable to users of the Cisco command line, and a full Redhat Linux core; both are fully accessible via command line and a programming API. This allows an Arista networked data centre to automatically react to the movements of virtual servers, manage data flows and react to the ever changing virtual world.

With integration into F5, Palo Alto, Riverbed and VMWare, the future of networking is here.



How cloud network services can benefit your business:

  • Exceptionally low latency: To meet the demands of todays most demanding applications
  • Ready for future bandwidth needs: The most dense 10Gb, 40Gb & 100GB non-blocking port density available
  • Transparent application performance: built in latency monitoring to ensure SLAs on a reliable platform
  • Automated build process: Switches can be implemented with Zero-Touch-Provisioning to allow rapid deployment of new services
  • Programmable agility: Switch functions can be automatically programmed using secure APIs to allow dynamic changes in configuration to suit your environment
  • Fully intergratable: Arista’s Virtual Machine aware EOS, allows the network to adapt to it’s changing virtual environment
  • Future proofed: Supporting OpenFlow, VMWareNSX and having a fully programmable Redhat Linux kernel, allows the network to be ready for the next challenge
  • Easy migration path: with an ‘Industry Standard’ command line, existing networking skills can be put straight to use

For more information on cloud networking solutions or to discuss a proof of concept, call 08456 123 994 or email us @

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