6fusion Partner

Gyrocom was founded on the principle that Infrastucture is becoming a commodity and that it is the applications that are crucial to a business not the underlying platform. For infrastructure to be a utility, there needs to be a single standard by which we can all measure. We are a proud 6fusion Partner for the UK.

6Fusion have developed a single unit, the kWAC/hr (much in line with the way you might measure electricity) which measures Compute, Memory, Disk, Disk I/O, LAN & WAN. Gyrocom are the strategic partners of 6Fusion in Europe, and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) have endorsed this as they way we will measure infrastructure going forward.



A single unit of compute allows businesses to answer some fundamental questions that were previously very difficult to answer:

  • How much IT Infrastructure do you have today?
  • How much of that are you using?
  • In turn, how much isn’t being used?
  • How much does it cost me today to produce a unit of compute?

This then allows for some reasoned and sound business decisions to be made:

  • How much cheaper would it be to virtualise those services?
  • How much cheaper would it be to consolidate my infrastructure?
  • How much cheaper is it to provision in the cloud?
  • How much cheaper is it to build an internal private cloud?
  • Implementation of departmental showback/chargeback is now easily do-able!

For more information about Gyrocom and 6fusion please call 08456 123 994 or email us @ info@gyrocom.co.uk


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